Our Philosophy

We believe that long-term change happens by developing equity consciousness while simultaneously working on real equity challenges you face. Through this direct application, our partners make the leap from theoretical to practical and directly embed equity consciousness into their work processes. We see that people’s capacity to practice Liberatory Design long-term in their organizations is built through working through multiple full design cycles.



BUild CApacity

We believe that everyone is creative, and given the right conditions can solve their own problems. To support your capacity-building in Liberatory Design, we offer:

  • In-person and remote workshops

  • Coaching support (teams and individuals)

  • Retainer advising

  • Stand-alone training bootcamp

  • Webinars

We are constantly designing new content to meet our partners needs and iterating existing content based on fresh learnings. We make the learning experience approachable and actionable for participants from all backgrounds.

design and redesign

We can help you design or redesign for equity. This could include designing or redesigning:

  • Processess

  • Strategy

  • Programs

  • Experiences

  • Convenings

  • Products

  • Organizational Culture

We’re process experts. We’ll help you align on vision and goals for the project, identify what the core challenges are and who they impact, develop a strategy for how to move forward, test many different ideas and implement approaches that best achieve your goals. We can help you align on what the core problems are, launch a collaboration with a new team, or design a project plan.


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Grow the movement

We support the Equity Design movement through thought leadership. We aim to spread access to and application of Liberatory Design. Our vision is to see all decision-makers using Liberatory Design to address challenges they face, embedding equity in every sector and at every level in the system. To spark this movement, we focus on:

  • Speaking Engagements

  • Authorship

  • Videos

  • Online Courses

  • Public Events and Trainings

  • Physical Tools and Publications

Many of these are being built now and will be released as they are ready on our website.