Our Story

This organization is the byproduct of my personal mission to design for equity. Dissecting my own lived experiences with inequity growing up as an Arab-American in Arkansas, witnessing the unraveling of our country’s so-called “post-racial era,” and its hate crimes, and rethinking my practice and teaching of design thinking, I felt a strong pull to apply the tools of design to serve as a force for equity. To create change in the world, I support our partners to apply Liberatory Design towards equity.

Our Name

The word “Beytna” in Arabic means “our home.” One day, when I was feeling emotionally and physically spent by the state of the world, I went to my mother’s house. As we scooped mouthfuls of one my favorite dishes with our pita bread, I shared my exhaustion. My mother said to me, “hay beytna", “this is our home.” She meant “come as you are and bring your full self, no matter how you feel, this is our home.” I aim to foster the same sense of home for my partners as they work through this important, sometimes messy, and often complex equity work. We belong, this is our home.

- Tania Anaissie, Founder and CEO, Beytna Design

Our logo and visual style was designed by Charbel Hajj and Alain Semaan at Parabolae Creative Studio based in Beirut, Lebanon.

Cover calligraphy by Natoof